Our Mission: Compliance

About Us

About Us

We're compliance experts with over 40 years experience

We are a behavioral health practice and consulting firm providing care and compliance to a wide variety of outpatient and residential group homes and treatment centers in Arizona. Cyrus is a committed licensed provider in Arizona that delivers mental health counseling services for all stages of life. Our virtual care services are available for residents throughout the entire state of Arizona. Our comprehensive behavioral health care includes emotional and behavioral health counseling, substance abuse and addiction counseling, and much more on site or off. Cyrus is also committed to providing you the best care in behavioral health consulting and organizational compliance. Offering an array of services in chart reviews, audit preparation and the assistance of long-term strategic planning goals to expand or develop new programs within your organization.   

  • We perform at a high level
  • We’re an open book
  • We "check the checker"
  • We are invested in your success

Our Skillset?

 Stand  behind our work, and in front of our customer.

With Cyrus you will receive the best care available, personalized for your precise needs. As proprieter, I bring over 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field as a licensed therapist, an administrator, and a program developer. With Cyrus, you’ll get more than service, you’ll get experience. Our philosophy is Devoted Care. At Cyrus, we feel you should never sacrifice the care you need. We will be more than happy to partner with you in bringing your organization to higher heights as you consider choosing Cyrus Health Care Compliance for your company’s needs! 


Denice M Carr, MAPC, MAT, LPC, LISAC, NCC  



Our Goal

Do the work,
let you be the HERO. 

Our Missions

Become your source of support.

Our Achievement

Let you relax. 

Our Dream

Help you become a success in your field.